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A letter from the Pastor and Associate Pastor on the Bishop's Annual Appeal

Dear Parishioner,

The monk asked his students: “How can you know when the night has ended and the day has begun?”

One of the students suggested: “When from a distance you can distinguish between a dog and a sheep?”

“No,” the monk said.

“Please tell us the answer then,” said the students.

“It is when,” said the monk, “you look into the eyes of another human being and see a brother or a sister, then you will know it is morning.”

Today, Bishop Donald Bolen brings before the people of the diocese of Saskatoon the ministries, programs, faith education opportunities and services that are vital to a growing diocese. We are challenged to look into the eyes of those around us, see that they are a brother or a sister, gather our resources and respond.

This year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal is an invitation for every Catholic family to respond and continue to strengthen the mission and ministry of the Church. We have many needs. The parishes and the programs, services and education opportunities that our parents and grandparents provided for us must be strengthened for our children and grandchildren. Our faith formation programs for young people and adults must meet the challenges of today’s society. And we are called to be a sign of Christ’s love by helping the needy in our community. When we support the spiritual, educational and outreach ministries throughout our Diocese, we bring gifts of hope and love to thousands of God’s holy people.

The enclosed brochure provides information on the ministries, programs and services supported by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. All gifts received are used exclusively for these purposes.

 Perhaps you are new to the parish/diocese or have never contributed to the Appeal. Now is a good time to begin. There are a number of ways to easily manage your gift.

1. A Pre-Authorized Payment Plan allows the Bishop’s Annual Appeal 2014 to debit your bank account directly on the first day of the month, over a 12 month period. Simply provide a ‘void’ cheque from the account you wish to use.

2. Cheques/post-dated cheques are welcome.

3. Credit card payments can be made using either Mastercard or Visa.

4. It is possible for you to contribute by way of a personal envelope. You may place your gift in the enclosed envelope and forward it to the parish office through the Sunday offertory basket at mass, by mail, or in person. Please do not send cash through the mail. If received by Friday, October 17, 2014 you will not be contacted by a volunteer from the parish.

I support our parish Appeal committee and volunteer visitors and the tremendous effort they make to bring you this information. Please honour them with your hospitality and generosity.

Our parish goal is to have all parishioners give a gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Your gift is important. Your gift makes the difference.

Thank you for all you have done, and all you will do, to be a sign of God’s love to others.


Sincerely in Christ,

 Fr. Ken Beck, (pastor)
Fr. Daniel Yasinski, (associate pastor)


Parish Executive Committee:

Loretta Simonot, Chair        306-373-2700                        

Bev Hanson                          306-373-3413

Kelly Wormsbecker             306-955-6506

Delores McLean                   306-374-1425

Bishop's Annual Appeal 2014

The Litany of Welcome

Who are you? Are you divorced? Are you married with kids, worrying for them and committed to their welfare? Are you married for the second, or even the third time? Are you a single parent struggling to make ends meet? Are you gay or lesbian? Well, whoever you are, you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all. 

Are you lonely? Are you a widow? Are you a single man or woman who would prefer to have a spouse? Are you disabled or disfigured? Have you run out of luck? Are you living with shame? Have you been a prisoner? Well, whoever you are, you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all. 

Are you a newcomer in this parish? An immigrant maybe? Are you from another Christian tradition? Are you full of doubt today, like Thomas? Has it been a while since you darkened the doorway of this church? Or are you a regular here, full of faith and enthusiasm for the parish? Well, whoever you are, you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all. 

All people of good will are, welcome here: that's the really good news! 

If you've been away, you can come back; if you've been living in darkness, you can come to the light: if you haven't been able to believe without seeing him, look around you: the Body of Christ has come to Mass today. Sinners are welcome. Saints, too. Everyone is welcome to come to Christ: My Lord and my God, indeed. 

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Delores McLean - Office Administrator
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Kelly Wormsbecker - Ministry of Care
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Arch McKay - Christian Initiation of Adults and Marriage Preparation
Sr. Marlene Anne G. Aquino, MACE – Sacramental Preparation
Jack Altrogge - Building Maintenance

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